Donate your unwanted bra

Help women and girls in Ghana

We collect unwanted bras in good condition to send to women in Ghana who need bras but cannot afford them. As they would rather spend money on food and other essential items for their children and family.

In some parts of Africa, women run the risk of attack from men if they are not wearing a bra, wearing one is a sign of wealth or at least seems like having someone who looks out for them.

The bras collected by Bras at Home are given to the Christian charity run by a lovely lady called Yaa. She then sends them to Ghana to be given to women and girls in a village called Apedwa and the surrounding area.

Through, the charity Christian Mothers and fathers Association UK and Ireland, Yaa has been collecting unwanted items in the UK and sending them for re-use in Ghana for 20 years.

All items including Bras are sent to St Anthony Roman Catholic Church Apedwa Ghana. Where they are given to people in need. And any leftovers sold. Proceeds have already helped build a school and are now in the process of building a hospital in Apedwa village.

Donate your unwanted Bra

To find out how you can donate your unwanted Bra please contact Mary:

To donate your unwanted household items please contact Yaa: